Ethics and Values

At EnerMech we have built our reputation on trust, integrity and honesty. We drive a culture internally and externally that incorporates transparency, responsibility and the belief that we accept nothing but the highest of standards across all our business sectors - globally.

Our business was built on the belief that our people are what make EnerMech excellent. So, when we are thriving globally it's not just about investing in our infrastructure, service offerings and technology but by also investing in, and devoting time to, the people we are so proud to call our employees.

It is their hard work and dedication which has cultivated the long lasting relationships with our successful and loyal clients. Not only do they maintain professional and friendly relations but they deliver responsive, safe, smart and value-added solutions, where others struggle.

Safety is engrained in our culture. It flows through our communication channels and is integral to every aspect of our business. We drive an incident-free workplace, engaging with our workforce to ensure they feel competent at identifying accident hazards, while also feeling empowered to speak up if they identify an unsafe act. While we protect our people, we are also acutely aware of our responsibility to protect our communities and the environment in which we work.

All of our employees work under our strict ethical code and each employee recognises that we are accountable, ensuring we operate in an ethical manner across all of our operations and locations. To download a copy of our pdf Code of Business Conduct click here (999 KB) .

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