What We Do

Globally our experts deliver a broad suite of services to the energy and infrastructure industries. We have a dedicated team of experienced and highly skilled specialists located throughout the world who strive to deliver the best quality services. They will only accept the highest standard of innovative solutions offering our dedicated and successful clients increased efficiencies and minimised cost.

We are renowned the world round because we listen to our customers' needs, focusing on what really matters and helping them to maximise economic recovery from their assets.

We support our customers through any asset’s full life cycle, providing a range of critical services across all phases – from start to middle to end.

Our broad range of services include; mechanical, electrical and instrumentation solutions, and can be provided individually or as part of a fully integrated package.

Our experts have a vast knowledge of our equipment which means they can highlight the appropriate tools and services for your project, these include; an extensive range of cranes and lifting, hydraulics, valves, electrical and instrumentation, pipeline and umbilical, industrial, process, training, inspection, integrity and equipment rental services.

Our ability to deliver on time and with greater efficiencies is due to our forward thinking approach, utilisation of multi-disciplined crews and global experience. Our customers know they are in safe hands as our industry professionals are focussed on driving cost effective and timely solutions, delivering excellence every step of the way.

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