Wireless Monitoring of Subsea Umbilicals

EnerMech’s pressure and CR wireless monitoring provides efficient and accurate monitoring over manual or wired approaches. Using our wireless technology, we support operators to optimise ongoing well production, while acquiring a better understanding of long-term performance.

Our dedicated team carry out pressure monitoring by connecting pressure transducers to umbilical cores or a manifold. A wireless receiver will transfer this data to a laptop which provides a live feed of the pressures within the umbilical. Should the pressure fall below a specified value, EnerMech will stop operations to allow topping up operations to be carried out.

CR Monitoring is carried out by measuring the continuity resistance of a quad (or group of quads). Conductors will be looped at the second end to allow for successful CR monitoring. A wireless receiver will transfer data to a laptop which can give a live feed of the continuity resistance within the conductors. We are then able to advise our clients should there be any spikes in the CR while lay operations are on-going, indicating possible damage to the umbilical. Should this happen further testing can be carried out by EnerMech.

Using EnerMech’s wireless technology, we provide cost effective and efficient monitoring to umbilical cores and manifolds, especially those located in challenging locations.

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