Onsite Machining and Engineering Repairs

At EnerMech we have the expertise and knowledge to deliver onsite machining services, offering our clients engineering repairs and solutions at the worksite.

Ideal for new construction projects, modifications, planned shutdowns and emergency repairs, our field personnel are experience in working in remote locations eliminating the need for you to ship equipment out for repair and significantly reducing both downtime and cost.

Our team can offer full turnkey services, which reduces the need for multiple subcontractors during your planned and unplanned shutdowns. Services include flange facing, hub re-machining, RTJ machining, weld excavation, pipe cutting and end prep, stud removal, milling, line boring, drilling, tapping, full exchanger machining service, match boring and trepanning.

Having skilled personnel on hand to deliver improvements and adjustments onsite ensures productivity, efficiency and cost effective solutions to problems which could otherwise cause costly delays. Our fully qualified machinists use the latest and most advanced equipment which enables us to execute high tolerance machining work on a ‘right first time’ basis. Combined with our engineering capability, we can engineer bespoke solutions for our customers, repeatedly offering a safe, fast and comprehensive service.

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