Snap Ring Joints

At EnerMech we collaborate with approved organisations to ensure our clients’ receive innovative solutions and the best possible service . One such agreement is with Snap Ring Joint (SRJ), a solutions specialist in providing weld-free mechanical coupling products.

Snap Ring Joint is a Jersey-based engineering company, built on a solid body of experience in fittings manufacture and problem-solving expertise. Its UK-based R&D team boasts over fifty years of experience in specialist fittings. Over the last four years, it has developed and tested a range of ground-breaking pipeline coupling technologies.

SRJ couplings are suitable as a direct replacement for standard flange type or welded connections to critical and non-critical piping connections and offer the practical benefits of a non-welded and ‘hot-work free’ connection without compromising connection integrity.

Working together, EnerMech and SRJ can provide you with an innovative and cost effective solution to tackle maintenance and modifications of hydrocarbon and utility pipework.

We both guarantee that our well-established pipe connection and repair solutions will maintain robust mechanical connections even in extensive size and pressure range.
 Our products have sealing mechanisms provided by a double seal, and in the case of the integrity connector, a quad seal arrangement.

The connector is also available in an asymmetrical version, which simplifies maintenance and the removal of valves and pumps. A reducer configuration is also available. 

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