Pipeline Pre-commissioning and Commissioning

EnerMech has a world class track record in the pipeline construction industry covering onshore and offshore projects involving large and small diameter pipelines.

We provide a complete suite of pipeline pre-commissioning and commissioning services under a single project management team which ensures on-time delivery of projects to client’s safety and quality standards.

EnerMech teams have led all significant Deepwater pre-commissioning equipment developments and our technology leads the way for subsea pipeline operation.

Our services include:

  • Landfall civil work and preparation
  • Water Winning
  • Pipeline Flooding
  • Pipeline Gauging
  • Pipeline Cleaning
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Pneumatic Testing
  • Leak Testing
  • Dewatering
  • Air Drying
  • Air Cleaning and Drying
  • Nitrogen Drying
  • Chemical Conditioning
  • Vacuum Drying
  • Nitrogen Packing
  • Subsea Leak Detection
  • Turnkey pre-commissioning Vessel Support

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