Late life pipeline support and decommissioning

Our pipelines team will work with you to manage your pipeline assets during late life, maximising the life of your assets and preparing your infrastructure for Cessation of Production.

With a high level of focus on Project Management EnerMech offers a full range of services during late life or decommissioning including:

  • Subsea flooding and testing using remote technologies
  • Pipeline cleaning - using chemical or mechanical methods
  • Conventional flooding and gauging
  • Pressure testing - multiple techniques, using water, air or nitrogen
  • Dewatering - after hydrostatic testing, using liquid and membrane nitrogen or air
  • Drying - using chemicals, super dry air, nitrogen or vacuum technology
  • Purging - using cryogenic or membrane nitrogen to purge the pipeline prior to abandonment
  • Pipeline decommissioning

During the decommissioning phase we can flush and clean your pipelines for in-situ abandonment or removal.

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