EnerMech Aqua Drill

Our Australian business has an exclusive licence to a patented aquamilling technology suitable for multiple applications. This unique technology will lower commissioning, maintenance and shutdown costs whilst minimising business disruption.

Key Advantages

  • Long runs from single point of entry
    • Significantly reduced requirement for scaffold
    • Fewer spools required to be rolled or entryways cut in the pipe
    • Large reduction in cost as a result
  • Ability to cut extremely hard scale – over 2,000 nozzle designs individual customised to cut different types of scale
  • EnerMech can provide a turn-key solution, undertaking all aspects of the job (including any scaffold, mechanical and welding work that may be required)
  • All equipment is designed to remove the operator from contact with live water jetting hoses, reducing the risk of injury
  • Tailor made solutions can be designed for any job

Technology Features

This exclusive technology allows:

  • Multidirectional cleaning of up to 22 x 90° bends in a single pass
  • Up to 300 metres from point of access
  • Vertical cleaning – unsurpassed vertical cleaning technology
  • Robotic and non-manned solutions to take operators away from the line of fire
  • >98.1% cutting efficiency through unique nozzle design
  • Live online descaling – for cleaning of your process online
  • Directed tank and vessel cleaning nozzle design – no wasted water
  • Customised positioning devices for entry points
  • Nozzle development for continuous improvement