Heat Exchanger Services

At EnerMech we provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for engineering, repair and overhaul of all heat exchanger types including shell and tube, plate, extended surface and regenerative.

We can undertake the maintenance or overhaul of all types and makes of heat exchangers, with services from in-house engineering and re-design through to mechanical, welding and boiler-making, cleaning, tube or plate replacement, re-gasketing and testing.

Upon completion of the construction or repair/overhaul we will pressure test the vessel (if required) to design test specifications.

Onsite capabilities include:

  • Engineering support
  • Total turnaround services, including scaffold, mechanical, crane, water-jetting, tube pulling, tube reinstallation, pressure testing, sand-blasting, etc.
  • Heat exchanger re-tubing equipment tailored to best suit client requirements
  • Heat exchanger breakdown services, including head removal, tube plugging, pressure testing equipment
  • Bolt torqueing and tensioning services for all sizes and specifications of vessels
  • IT systems support for heat exchanger management, including online database services to track performance of a client’s heat exchangers, periods between maintenance, recurring problems etc.
  • Machining of flanges, facing and repair
  • Pressure testing
  • Nitrogen/helium leak testing
  • Maintenance planning support
  • Post job reporting

Offsite capabilities include:

  • Engineering support
  • Fully equipped workshops designed to facilitate exchanger overhauls
  • Experienced technicians to undertake projects
  • Onsite/offshore lifting and transport solutions
  • Fabrication and machining of plates, baffles, flanges, etc.
  • Client inspection as required
  • Spares supply and management