Hose Integrity Management

EnerMech's experienced hose management services team are focused on delivering improved inspection quality for our clients' on and offshore assets and installations.

Our services range from a complete turn-key programme to simple gap-filling to complement a client's existing maintenance programme.

Over the years, EnerMech has built up considerable experience, expertise and competence, successfully delivering hose integrity management programmes. Working with customers and leading industry bodies, we are now leading the way for best practice. By optimising inspection and maintenance costs and providing industry compliant inspection, it is our aim to maximize useful life of hoses.

Field Inspections and our onsite manufacture and testing services also play a large part in our hose management services, from the generation of comprehensive asset hose register, the assessments of Fitness for Service, Comprehensive field reports including photographic library of findings, to our onsite manufacture and testing including hydraulic and industrial hoses and fittings, adaptors and Q/D’s.

EnerMech's approach to hose integrity and data management allows our customer to have enhanced visibility of integrity data through the use of EnerMech Live, as well as offering superior criticality assessments leading to optimised inspection programmes.

EnerMech LIVE is a web based system which allows the sharing of information via a client specific portal. EnerMech LIVE has been developed by EnerMech using our in-house software, which enables us to customise the system to match client requirements exactly. EnerMech LIVE uses our online hose management function and a hose register which contains the most up-to-date information every hose.