Accumulator Integrity Management

Our accumulator integrity management services range from full asset inspection to remedial work, providing specialist advice and assisting our clients in improving their existing maintenance programmes and ensuring compliance with pressure equipment regulations.

For many of our customers we provide a full asset inspection programme to suit requirements safety regulations. Inspections are carried out by risk based evaluation of systems, producing a database detailing every element of each individual accumulator in an efficient and timely way, P&IDs indicating locations and a survey report after each inspection detailing findings and recommendations.

When required, our specialist engineers carry out remedial works on-site
or offshore. This can range from accumulator replacement to safety component replacement, from pre-charging to full remedial campaigns.

Our workshops are fully equipped to conduct accumulator strip down and inspections, strength tests, replacement of components and service tests. In conjunction with our Engineering department
we are geared to be able to offer technical and affordable solutions to system issues whether it is with the accumulators or the associated hydraulic systems including design and manufacture of replacement skids.