Online Small Bore Tubing (SBT) Integrity Management

EnerMech Live Online SBT management provides our clients with a fully visible database of each individual component that makes up SBT assemblies throughout the asset. A full itinerary of components is grouped by the assets own process/instrument tagging system. All information gathered during our inspections can be downloaded by the client to an Excel spreadsheet or PDF format.

Reports detailing condition and recommendations can be viewed easily by links available on our EM Live system.

The SBT database has been constructed with a view to providing our clients with information exceeding the requirements of the Energy Institute Guidelines for the management of SBT assemblies. The following allows our customers to access the information collated from a baseline inspection:

  • The data recorded on our EM Live system enables the client to view each assembly associated by the asset's process/instrument or valve ID tag number
  • All defects/anomalies are physically tagged with a unique tag ID number/barcode ID to assist with locating the fault
  • All defects/anomalies are electronically marked up on the assets P&ID which can be viewed by EM Live link
  • All defects/anomalies are photographed and are available to view by EM Live link
  • Each defect/anomaly can be automatically categorised to a pre-determined risk ranked timeframe remedial schedule agreed by the client and generated during the input stage
  • Data quality can be assured during input stage as our user interface has been designed to reduce human error by use of drop down menus and limiting user input
  • All data is quality checked by our dedicated onshore support team to ensure an accurate description of assembly components is achieved
  • Flexibility to assist or manage customers own data requirements i.e. SAP/Maximo/Star references, work requests/orders, isolation points (local or shut down) etc.
  • The online SBT integrity management database can be accessed by the client as part of EnerMech Live’s online reporting suite 24/7. Login and password protected access can be set up and permissions to the various functions can be set up as required

EnerMech are also committed to ensuring that SBT data is available and transferable to the client’s software applications where necessary. Our IT teams have experience in working with clients to understand their needs to this respect (i.e. Cataloguing, SAP, Maximo, ERP systems etc.) to help to ensure that their SBT inventory can been made available in the appropriate format.

EnerMech has made every effort to ensure that this system, although robust, is both scalable and adaptable to new technologies, innovations and specialist requirements.

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