Online Valve Management (EnerMech OVM)

EnerMech Live Online Valve Management can be used to record and monitor valve data. It is login and password protected and permissions to the various functions can be set up as required. All data can be accessed, real time, via any computer, laptop or mobile device with an internet connection.

This system is unique to EnerMech and can be tailored to any Client's Valve Data Management System requirements, and can even be engineered to interface directly with the clients system.


  • Procurement reporting – the procurement module allows review and approval of multiple vendor quotations for each valve package
  • Progress status – with 24/7 access to LIVE progress reporting, our clients will have open access to the project status
  • Project documentation – a central location for the storage of project related documentation, such as the project quality plan, vendor ITP, project execution plan (PEP)
  • Inspection & surveillance scheduling – the surveillance and inspection activities will be managed by a traffic light system that enables us to schedule inspection and expediting activities linked to the criticality rating of the valve
  • Valve data management - a database to hold location, engineering and inspection information for each individual valve providing our clients with full traceability from manufacture through to installation

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