Online Hose Management (EnerMech OHM)

EnerMech Live Online Hose Management System provides a reporting function to allow the information to be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet, PDF format or client required format. The system can filter and sort hoses data to produce standardised or bespoke reports as required by the client.

This database has been designed and constructed in-house, using a brief developed by Hose Management to ensure the following:

  • Provision to record hose data that exceeds that required by the Energy Institutes Guidelines for the management of flexible hose assemblies
  • Methods of uploading survey data that are efficient to ensure timely delivery of clients survey data
  • Flexibility to include and manage customers own data requirements i.e. SAP/Maximo references, Work Order numbers, Function/Location refs etc
  • Risk Based inspection data can be calculated to provide the appropriate tools for the Integrity Management process
  • Hose locations/functions can be described and grouped in a logical and structured way to allow the appropriate reporting and analysis
  • Data quality can be ensured through validation at the input stage and human error reduced through intelligent user interfaces
  • Flexibility to allow customisation of both the online service and any ancillary reporting to meet specific customer needs
  • Provision to create a Hose Register which contains the most up-to-date information on each hose (MHR or Master Hose Record) which is web based and can be accessed 24/7 by the client
  • The Online Hose Management Database can be accessed by the client as part of EnerMech LIVE’s online reporting suite. Login and password protected access can be set up and permissions to the various functions can be set up as required

EnerMech are also committed to ensuring that hose data is available and transferable to the client’s software applications where necessary. Our IT team have experience in working with clients to understand their needs to this respect (i.e. Cataloguing, SAP, Maximo, ERP systems etc) to help to ensure that their hose inventory can been made available in the appropriate format.

EnerMech has made every effort to ensure that this system, although robust, is both scalable and adaptable to new technologies, innovations and specialist requirements.

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