Permit to Work

The provision of Permit to Work systems to supplement the construction and commissioning activities is a fundamental part of our business.

We can provide Permit to Work solutions to suit the entire project lifecycle and, where necessary, can integrate these into our clients’ systems. Our dedicated team of Permit to Work managers, coordinators and isolators are highly experienced and we have an exemplary track record on safety.

  • Cost risk mitigation - as the single service provider we reduce cost by offering a solution spanning the lifecycle of the project.
  • Quality risk mitigation - the scope boundary interface between installation and commissioning is removed, thus eliminating possible “holes” between the two scopes
  • Timeline risk mitigation - the site program is streamlined and teamwork is increased due to our inter-discipline cooperation
  • Safety and environmental risk management - the site works are coordinated with a uniform approach to safety and environmental management, ensuring clear understanding of the site hazards and environmental requirements by all workers


Our electrical contractor licence details for Australia are as follows, ACT – 2018366, NSW – 316021C, NT – C3702, QLD – 84503, SA -  PGE 283298, TAS – 15605792, VIC – 28111, WA – EC013107

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