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Valve Supply, Manufacture and Integrity Management

EnerMech's valves division is a focused service dedicated to supporting all aspects of valve supply, maintenance and support for the Energy Industry. We supply a service that is able to comply with the complex demands of the offshore industry.

Our valves division has three core elements:

  • Sourcing and supplying valves for clients, securing the shortest delivery time and keenest prices
  • Manufacturing our own high-end ball valve, designed to client specification
  • Managing the integrity of our clients’ entire valve portfolio

We work with customers across the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Power Generation Industries and our dedicated and flexible approach combined with true international footprint ensures that we are able to satisfy our customers' varying requirements.

EnerMech is a single source supplier of valves for new projects and on-going maintenance requirements. Valves can be fitted with pneumatic or hydraulic quarter turn or linear actuators, gas over oil actuators or electric motorised actuators complete with position indication control panels/systems to meet emergency shutdown, shutdown, blowdown or control applications.

EnerMech can supply new valves from stock - we can meet urgent requirements as the valves we stock are fully certified. We can also source from our worldwide network to satisfy customer shut down and installation schedules. We never compromise on safety or quality.

Through our cooperation with several renowned valve manufacturers, we are able to offer a single source capability to provide all the different valve types required by a client. Our technical expertise and direct communication with our principals ensures that project specifications are interpreted correctly.

EnerMech in partnership with valve specialists have the capability to design and develop valves in accordance with recognised worldwide standards – API, ASME, ASTM, EN, ISO, NACE, BSI, MSS & PED. Our technical ability and experience means that we can find the right solution for any extreme condition such as:

      • Corrosive service
      • Erosive (slurry) service
      • High temperature
      • Low temperature (-46 DegC)
      • Cryogenic service (-196 DegC)
      • Underground service
      • Low maintenance valves
      • Advanced testing

As well as the standard API and EN hydrostatic and pneumatic valve leak testing, EnerMech can offer the most advanced testing to meet the severest of applications and customer specifications.

      • Fugitive emission test
      • Performance test
      • Functional test
      • Low pressure gas test
      • High pressure gas test
      • High temperature test
      • Low temperature and cryogenic test

We also provide on-site pressure testing, functional testing of automated valves and retest and calibration of pressure relief valves.