Umbilical Testing Services

Umbilical Testing Services

Umbilical Pre-commissioning Services

As the world's leading independent umbilical testing and commissioning company, EnerMech provides third party umbilical integrity management and testing services from FATs through to final commissioning.

EnerMech provides a complete range of in-house hydraulic, electrical and fibre optic testing services in accordance with international standards and operator specifications with particular project focus being given to umbilical complexity, cleanliness management, equipment selection and pressure /volume compensation on every project.

Umbilical services offered by EnerMech include:


  • Cleanliness management, certification & umbilical flushing
  • Pressure decay testing
  • Pressure testing
  • Wi-Fi remote pressure monitoring & logging
  • Flow test characteristics
  • Identification tagging


  • Identification tagging
  • High voltage DC test
  • Insulation resistance test
  • Time domain reflectometry
  • DC conductor resistance
  • Cross talk & attenuation measurement
  • WI-FI remote CR monitoring
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