Process Services

Process Services

EnerMech Process Services provides a range of specialist services supporting pre-commissioning, commissioning and shut-down services on and offshore, to the global oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

EnerMech personnel are multi-skilled, flexible, safety conscious and customer goal-driven, ensuring that safe delivery of our clients' objectives and schedule are the foremost consideration of every workscope.

We have a fleet of modern equipment supported by state of the art project management and IT systems to ensure our customers receive a reliable and efficient service that is also able to react to the changeable environment in which we work.

Process services offered by EnerMech include:

  • Nitrogen purging/testing
  • Nitrogen/helium leak testing
  • Controlled bolting
  • Total flange management
  • Onsite machining
  • Hydrotesting
  • Flushing/retrojetting
  • Camera inspection
process equipment

Key Software Technology

EnerMech have developed a bespoke, fully integrated, web based management system (SIM) which provides both flange management and an electronic work pack creator for hydrotesting, nitrogen/helium leak testing, pipework cleanliness and camera inspection.

SIJMSIM has been developed to provide better quality information that is easier to access than other systems currently available as well as a system capable of electronically generating work packs significantly more quickly with a much higher accuracy than any other system to date. Once test packs are produced, test limits can be changed effortlessly, if required, and the work pack will automatically update and can be re-issued/re-printed. Such packs would normally be rewritten from scratch taking increased time and expense which will often impact the project schedule because many of these tests are on the critical path.


  • Single storage location for all drawings; If a P&ID or Isometric is up-rev'd then updating the installation drawings section will populate the update through all work packs that use that drawing
  • Hyperlinks on drawings:
    • Follow continuations on P&ID's and Isometrics
    • Drop down to the isometric from the P&ID by highlighting the line number
  • Ability to overlay the same or other service lines at drawing level. This can provide the following:
    • Confirmation that work packs for a particular service line, eg Leak Testing, are covering all required areas. i.e. No untested areas
    • Confirmation that all tightened joints on a drawing are covered with a leak test pack
    • Merging of multi-location projects into a single database for "life of field"
    • Multi-user access via a web based version, with secure access, allows for interrogation of data away from the field
    • Progress monitoring of the project including joint completion status and test pack (hydro, pneumatic, leak test etc) completion status