Bolt Torquing & Tensioning

EnerMech provides a total solution for all of your bolting requirements, including torquing, tensioning, stress analysis, flange management, and more.

Utilising the latest technology to ensure that highest services are provided, EnerMech has inhouse capability to provide:

  • Major shutdown support services – project planning, design, engineering, equipment, trained technicians, IT systems support, onsite/offsite transfer and supply and support services
  • Complete project management – project management of all bolting requirements from start to finish, including the design of tightening procedures, advice on preferred equipment to be utilised, on the job installation and tightening, and post job reporting
  • Site operations – provision of personnel and equipment to undertake bolt torque/tensioning engineering and operations
  • Flange management – EnerMech System Integrity Management system (SIM) is a bespoke fully integrated web based flange management system that manages the flange management process and provides 100% full traceability on every joint
  • Engineering support – we provide engineering support to our field technicians as required, providing design, review and innovative new solutions to problems as they arise
  • Total job capability – we are uniquely placed to provide a full project solution without the requirement for multiple contractors

Key Advantages:

  • One point contact for the whole project.
  • 24/7 engineering support.
  • Faster installation with zero defects.
  • Lower job costs.
  • Minimal downtime due to removal of multiple contracts.
Bolt Torquing and Tensioning