Fluid and Pipework Services

Our aim is to work closely with our clients during the planning phase of a project to determine the appropriate cleanliness standard required for each particular pipework system. Thereafter we will engineer the most efficient and effective method of executing a safe service and delivering a clean pipework system.

EnerMech provides specialist pipework commissioning services, including:

• Pressure testing
• Hot oil flushing
• Chemical cleaning.
• Laboratory services
• Fluid conditioning equipment rental

Pressure Testing

Using the most advanced pressure testing equipment, coupled with calibrated pressure and temperature recorders, we provide system integrity assurance.

Hot Oil Flushing

75% of equipment failures are proven to be a result of oil or lube system contamination. The elimination of these contaminants requires specialised equipment and robust procedures. EnerMech is the market leader in hot oil flushing. Our track record, equipment and experience are unrivalled.

Chemical Cleaning

Removal of mill scale, water hardness deposits, rust, oil, greases and process contaminants from pipework can be a particular problem for our clients. EnerMech has developed an industry leading process for the chemical cleaning of pipework systems. Our process utilizes a suit of chemicals which are less hazardous and more environmentally friendly. EnerMech has one of the most comprehensive fleets of specialist chemical cleaning equipment providing this service, including pumping units, heating coils exchangers, circulating tanks and analytical/control equipment.

Laboratory Services

EnerMech provides fluid analysis services, including particle counting, in accordance with all current cleanliness standards. We use both state of the art particle contamination monitors and binocular microscope assessment with visual count.

Fluid Conditioning Equipment Rental

We offer for a hire a comprehensive suite of specialist fluid conditioning equipment for offline removal of water and particulate from hydraulic, lubrication and seal oil systems.