Chemical Cleaning Services

There are a number of pitfalls that can arise when carrying out chemical cleaning operations on systems pipework, from the selection of the appropriate chemicals, to the hazard levels and the amount of waste disposal.

In a conventional chemical cleaning operation it is required to utilize strong acids such as Hydrochloric Acid and Phosphoric Acid. The use of inhibitors is also very important to ensure that the acid pickling process is controlled properly. As these acids are classed as "hazardous" it is necessary to cordon off the area where the pipework being cleaned is present.

EnerMech has developed a unique in-house process for the chemical cleaning of pipework systems, in which all of the above problems are addressed and alleviated.

The process utilizes a suite of chemicals which are less hazardous and more environmentally friendly. EnerMech will assemble a cleaning "spread" including pumping units, temporary hoses and pipework, heating coils exchangers, circulating tanks and analytical/control equipment.

One of the most difficult chemical cleaning applications is that of Printed Circuit Heat Exchangers (PCHE). Due to the design of these units, the channels within the unit are extremely small in diameter (2mm), making normal conventional cleaning almost impossible.

EnerMech has developed an extremely effective and efficient method of cleaning these PCHE, which can be carried out either in our yard onshore, or on-site offshore. The method involves a combination of a chemical cleaning circulation, in conjunction with a series of gas puffing operations, which will ensure the optimum conditions inside the PCHE, and produce an effective and efficient cleaning programme.