Hose Inspection and Recertification

EnerMech provides a service that ensures complete management of client owned hoses, not just an inspect and supply agreement. The service provides an integrated Hose Integrity Management service that provides an inventory of fully compliant, certified and ready to use hose assemblies.

EnerMech will tailor our service to provide a more cost effective, rationalised and operationally safe and efficient service. This will be achieved by a simple process that will ensure efficiency and a thorough rationalisation exercise will ensure that optimum stock levels reflect the assets that are in a ready to use condition at all times.

A bespoke hose management software package developed by EnerMech will allow external, web based access by our clients to review stock levels, condition level, hose certification etc. from any location including offshore and overseas.

Main features and benefits include:

  • Accurate inventory
  • Asset history
  • Location visibility
  • Certification availability
  • Rationalised inventory will provide cost saving
  • Provision of single point of contact
  • Improved inspection technique ensuring minimal hose failures
  • Provision of training and technical support where necessary

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