Integrity Management

Ineffective Flexible Hose Assemblies (FHAs) are serious contributors to the loss of process containment. In many potentially dangerous areas, defects and failures can compromise safety and environmental performance and contribute to unplanned shutdowns.

EnerMech provide a reference framework of management, technical controls and procedures which, when applied, will ensure the continued integrity of FHAs. This includes supply of competent hose inspectors and fitters through to provision of a bespoke and robust online hose management system.

EnerMech's hose management service complies with and is fundamentally based on the Energy Institute's ‘Guidelines for the Management of Flexible Hose Assemblies’. In addition, these guidelines were reviewed and published by the Energy Institute in February 2011 and have been revised by a steering group which included three members of EnerMech's Hose Management team.

We have extended our processes, procedures and capabilities to this extent to ensure immediate compliance with this publication.