Our Mission, Purpose & Values

EnerMech's business is to provide mechanical services to global energy industries.

Our Mission

  • Delivering engineering and service excellence, we will excel through investment in employee and product development, infrastructure and technology. 
  • We will conduct our business ethically, with no adverse impact on the environment and with an uncompromising focus on safety.

Our Purpose

  • To build a long-term sustainable and profitable business that is respected within the wider business community and which creates value for its stakeholders.
  • To foster long-term relationships with our customers by delivering responsive, safe, smart and value-added solutions.
  • To communicate openly and honestly with our employees, offering them on-going development opportunities, providing a fun and safe place to work and treating them with respect at all times.
  • To establish long-term relationships with our suppliers by treating them fairly and helping them grow profitably.
  • To be recognised by the communities where we work as a good neighbour who provides employment, participates in the community and protects the environment.

Our Values

  • Safety: We will never compromise on safety and are committed to providing an incident-free workplace for our people at all times. All EnerMech personnel are empowered to identify hazards and associated risks and stop unsafe acts. Think safe, work safe!
  • Colleagues: We will respect and listen to our colleagues, enabling a culture of fairness, honesty and trust. We will promote a culture of “wanting to do better”, investing in personal development and promoting a working atmosphere that encourages teamwork and is both rewarding and fun!
  • Community: We will be recognised by the communities in which we work as a good neighbour that provides employment, participates in the community and protects the environment.
  • Business Conduct: We will apply the highest ethical standards to everything we do. This means doing the right thing for our customers, employees, suppliers and the environmental in which we operate.
  • Customers: We will work openly and honestly with our customers in order to build long term relationships by delivering excellent service quality, meeting expectations, communicating clearly and regularly, acting with integrity and respecting their core values and working practices.