How to Apply to The Apprentice Scheme

Q) When can I apply?

A) EnerMech accept applicants for their apprentice scheme, at any time of year, either direct from school, college or those who are currently working and meet the apprentice criteria.

Q) What route can I take?

A) Apprentices can follow the technician or craft apprentice route.

Q) What is the recruitment process for apprentices?

A) CV’s are reviewed on an annual basis, normally around Easter time. An assessment day is arranged for candidates at EnerMech premises and includes:

  • Aptitude test from college
  • Interview with Apprentice Mentor and College representative
  • Interview with Banff & Buchan College
  • Teamwork exercise
  • Practical trade test

Q) When will I start working at EnerMech?

A) Start dates vary, generally new apprentices start working on site in June, they will be allocated to a specific workshop for the summer and will start college at the end of August/beginning of September.

Joining EnerMech:

Q) What should I expect when I start my apprenticeship at EnerMech?

A) All apprentices will be given an induction to the company, this involves HR, QHSE, a tour of the site by one of our existing apprentices who will usually work in the same workshop as you to begin with.

You will meet the apprentice mentor and supervisor who will explain your role in the workshop.

Q) How will I meet other apprentices?

A) An apprentice team building session will be arranged in August with all of the apprentices, this is an informal fun session to enable everyone to get to know each other.During this session you will be advised of the following:

  • Apprentice Buddy system and review process
  • Review process and responsibilities of you as an apprentice, your apprentice mentor, workshop supervisor and HR
  • Information on the apprentice of the year award
  • College arrangements, including transport, what to bring etc

Q) When will my work placements change?

A) Your work placements will change every 3 months, the placements will be in line with what you are studying at college when operationally possible. At the end of the 3 months you will have a review with the Apprentice Mentor and Workshop Supervisor.

You will attend work on the days you are not at college and will work full time during college holidays.