The Apprentice Buddy System

Q) What is a Buddy System?

A Buddy System is when people are paired together for mutual safety & assistance.

Q) What is a Buddy?

  • A Buddy is someone who will provide you with informal support and social networking in the department, team and college
  • A starting point for general queries
  • A Buddy helps with communication so you don't feel on your own
  • Is someone who shares the benefits of their experience with you

Q) Why are we introducing this to the Apprentices?

  • To support you at work and college by allocating an existing apprentice as your Buddy
  • To welcome you into the apprentice scheme and college
  • Provide you with information on how the scheme works and what to expect

Q) What does a Buddy do?

  • Gives you a quick answer to questions regarding work and college
  • Can help with any college issues you have
  • Support you in the workplace and college
  • Advise you of things to look out for
  • Familiar face
  • Show you round the workshop/building
  • Introduce you to people you might not come into contact with as part of your role, but who you are likely to bump into around the office

Q) What does a buddy not do?

  • Doesn't tackle issues relating to your training, performance standards or arrangements  for personal appointments during working hours
  • They do not over rule the decision of the Apprentice Mentor or Workshop Supervisor
  • They may train you on certain areas if you are working in the same workshop, however, this will be under the instruction of the Workshop Supervisor

Ongoing Review:

Going forward you will have a quarterly review with your Apprentice Mentor.

The purpose of this review is to:

  • Review your college work and feedback
  • Review your conduct and attendance at work and college during the previous 3 months
  • Give you feedback from your work placement
  • Opportunity for you to discuss any issues you may have
  • Identify areas for development
  • Discuss your next work placement